Website idea: Practice presenting by speaking

Google recently announced a new voice API for JavaScript that lets you do dead simple voice recognition in the browser (the demo, Chrome only) We've tossed around plenty of ideas of audio interfaces. Our first thoughts were how to make Google Glass for your ears.

But, we eventually realized that that will never work. Why? Ears just aren't that good at absorbing information quickly. Any time you need to output something to the user, it'll be much faster to show them than tell them.

However, audio really shines when it comes to input. We shifted gears to thinking about unique cases for input via audio (since using your voice to type was solved long ago by Dragon Naturally Speaking)

If you want to do well in life, you should practice presenting and public speaking

And that's how we came up with this startup website idea: a website where you give it the text for a speech, presentation, acting script, or some other spoken piece you need to memorize. Then, you start practicing out loud. It listens and follows along, and whenever you pause for too long, provides a hint at what to say next.

I've done plenty of speaking competitions - and this is exactly what you do to practice  presenting (only, with another person following along and providing the hints). The ability to present yourself and be a confident public speaker is useful whether you're a CEO or someone asking for a raise. Something that enables people to practice presenting alone would be a great way to get started and build confidence!

It's tough to say how much money there would be in a product that makes it easier to practice presenting. But, if you really wanted to turn this idea into a startup or small business, you could use this website idea as your launching point for a whole suite of things focused around presentations, actors, or even singers!

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