The MYO Armband: The Future of Input

The MYO Armband - superior to the Kinect, it is the real computer mouse replacement

Why is the MYO armband so awesome as a replacement for the computer mouse?

Most new input devices (such as the Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion) seem to be focusing on pointing a camera at you. This method comes with a lot of problems, but the worst is that it's incredibly easy to block the camera. If you hold your arm out straight, the Kinect's camera can't see your elbow because your fist is in the way!

This problem does not exist with the MYO armband, which instead relies on reading neurological signals that are going straight to your muscles.

Perhaps the best part about this futuristic input device is that, unlike a stationary camera, you can always have it on you. With no need to set up a camera, you can use the MYO armband and gesture control anytime, anywhere.

While it's true that the MYO armband won't be able to handle multiple people from one input device (unlike the Kinect, which is endlessly proud of its ability to detect multiple people dancing at the same time), that's fine. Because when it comes down to it,  input devices are only useful if a single person can use them. Nobody complains that its impossible for two people to type on the same keyboard or point with the same computer mouse, after all.

I've played with both the Kinect and the Leap Motion, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for a new type of computer input device. I'm tired of all of the obvious flaws of computer vision gesture control. The future of computer input (and smartphone input) is here, and it's the MYO armband. Because, when it comes to replacing the computer mouse, the Kinect doesn't cut it - and neither does voice control.

The next question is: what's the future of output devices?