Frost Flowers - In Your Home!

Frost flowers - they've been a curiosity of plant-lovers and scientists alike. frost flowers

Image courtesy Wikipedia

Frost flowers are floral phenomena that occur in freezing air, when the soil is not yet frozen. Under the right conditions, cold air causes expansion of the sap within plants, which causes tiny cracks to form in their stems. Water from inside the plant is then drawn into these cracks and freezes. This process continues until the frost builds up into amazing shapes!

One thing that makes frost flowers so fascinating is their fragility - they only form under very specific conditions, and a light touch causes them to crumble. They occur naturally in the wild, but are incredibly rare.

So why not make a container that can provide the right conditions for these beauties to form and that protects them from damage? We think it'd be interesting to create a clear acrylic box that cools to right around freezing, but keeps the soil warm so that frost flowers can form. And as long as they're in the box, they stay fresh and out of harm's way!

Suggestions? Comments? If you build it, we want to know!