A Levitating Chandelier from a Slayer Exciter

There's a strange electronics project known as a Slayer Exciter that allows you to wirelessly power CFL light bulbs. So, we thought to ourselves, why not turn it into a wireless, levitating chandelier? Take the Slayer Exciter, which provides wireless power, and remove that last wire that has to hold the light bulb up.

Engineer's mockup of a DIY chandelier

The best part? A levitating chandelier is completely possible, with a little bit of magnetic levitation magic. There's something called a Hall Effect Sensor, which enables you to precisely levitate things with magnets. Since CFL light bulbs aren't that heavy, you could fairly easily hold them up with a few large rare earth magnets.

The end result would be somewhat similar to this video demonstration - however, it's worth noting that Slayer Exciters provide wireless AC power - if you want DC power to activate LEDs, you'll need to use magnetic induction instead. Other than that, you can achieve a similar level of awesomeness. Just picture a bunch of light bulbs floating near your ceiling - it's like something out of Harry Potter! Now that would be a DIY chandelier worth writing home about!

We're currently actively working on the first prototype of our levitating chandelier - we'll keep you posted with our progress. In the mean time, we'd love to hear what you guys would do if you had wireless, levitating light bulbs!