We invent hardware and software that spans disciplines and inspires innovation - a mobile app that uses photography to showcase time - a website that makes collaborative file-sharing a breeze - a platform that helps entrepreneurs test their crowdfunding ideas.

We also regularly release free Instructables to the Maker community here.

We love talking to fellow makers and creators - feel free to Contact Us

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Our Team

Todd Profile

Todd Medema executes the business side of FabricateIO. Studying Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design at Carnegie Mellon, a Carnegie Mellon 5th Year Scholar and Co-founder of startup AutoRef, he started his first company at age 14. In his spare time, he dabbles in photography, film, and a host of other creative pursuits that act as a springboard for new FabricateIO inventions.

Scott Martin brings the technical talent. Double majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon, Scott has built everything from LED cubes and homemade bagpipes to file sharing websites and Facebook games. He specializes in turning ideas into real physical and digital products.


Scott Profile